How to Become A Good Private Tutor?

If you are a home tutor, a question you might have asked yourself, or may think about asking yourself is how can I be a better tuition teacher Singapore? Many a times, as tutors, we are so caught up with the creating of the course materials and preparing worksheets and questions for our tutees and students that we have not spared time for ourselves to stop and pause to believe whether we have any areas that we can enhance, in order to end up being a better tutor?

tutoring a kid

As a home tutor myself, I have actually asked myself this questions on more than one occasion, and have these pointers to share with the home tutors out here.

Primary is constantly to concentrate on the kid’s staminas and not weaknesses. This may appear paradoxical in nature due to the fact that as tutors, we are expected to assist them on locations where they are weak at. Yes, that is what I meant too, however by staminas and weak points, I have another significance for it. That is, the character qualities and behavior of the student.

If you discover that the student wants to doze off in lesson, or then she or he has a short attention span, do not keep harping on the fact that he or she is like that. Instead, discover what is the student really proficient at. For instance, she or he might be very mindful when you tell stories. Hence, focus on the strengths of the kid. Whenever possible, tell stories to the student. This will assist the child to be attentive.

Secondly is to speak with the kid like a genuine instructor. I understand this sentence appears redundant however this is true. Many a times, we have actually seen the students for such a long time that they have become like our own children, and after that we tend to extremely comfy with them. Mind you, do not fall under this trap. As soon as you lose your impression in them as a tutor, and as an instructor, it makes it simple for them to question your teachings and defy you by not doing your research. Be nice to the kid, but always keep in mind to apply your authority as a teacher. Remember that you are a tutor first, before a buddy. Assisting your tutee obtain excellent outcomes need to be what you pursue. Love and strong bonds with the kid might or may not emerge but it is only secondary.

Finally, be early for lesson and however do not hesitate to stay longer than the stipulated time duration. Be early for lesson to obtain your mind back in the frame of mind of teaching, so that you can immediately teach well. And, try to remain a little longer than the specified period to help the kid more, the student will appreciate it too. It is a way of value-adding your tutoring services.

If you are a brand-new tutor who has yet to get a tutee, keep in mind the ideas above too, as they will definitely help you be a great tutor. Likewise, signing up with a home tuition firm might be a good idea to source for potential students!

Why Your Kids Need to Learn Piano?

Every moms and dad out there want their kids and kids to be a genius and perhaps an all rounder. However, each child is gifted with an unique ability and is different from the rest. However that does not indicate you cannot make him or her an all rounder. The piano is simply the response you may have been browsing making your kid fare much better in school and in life. Current researches have discovered connection in between learning a piano and the total life-skills in kids. Here are some reasons why you should make your kids learn piano and each of these factors have been established by scientific researches, so you can be rest assured that they are no sham.


Develops a positive mindset: Studies have revealed that kids who discover how to play the piano have a more positive outlook to things and life than their non musical equivalents. The reason has actually been attributed to the skill required to play a piano. For a beginner, playing a piano can be a hard job. Kids who take piano lessons learn how to go through this problem which builds their self-confidence and helps them take on bigger issues in life with a favorable frame of mind.

Enhances dexterity and concentration: Everybody understands that playing a piano needs hand and eye coordination, which improves the total coordination in a person. Nevertheless, researches have actually likewise revealed that playing a piano enhances the mastery ratio in an individual. Since hands have to move independently of each other while playing a piano, kids learning a piano are understood to have much better dexterity than those who don’t. They have actually also been seen to have better motor capabilities and better at fixing complicated problems.

Enhances concentration: Any musical lesson takes a great deal of concentration and the same applies for piano lessons too. Children who take piano lessons are understood to have higher concentration power than their non musical counterparts. They have been found to focus much better in class and hence make their method through as intense students in school and college.

Make them an all rounder: Researches conducted in the field have actually likewise shown that kids who learn the piano are well rounded than others. They have a much wider viewpoint of life as they get exposed to different designs of music at a young age. That makes them more responsive to different things in life and transforms them into much better individuals.

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Learning English Language Outside the Classroom

You can learn the English language even if you are not in a classroom setting. Do not get me incorrect, I am not stating that you do not have to enroll in a english tuition class, exactly what I am stating is that learning any language is and need to never ever be limited in the class or at school. Going to school indicates getting an official education to learn basic concepts of the language, when you leave school, that is when you use and practice all things that you have learned inside your class. There are lots of tools and methods that you can utilize to promote your learning a language.

an english teacher teaching a student

Modern technology now is really remarkable although I in some cases believe that with all the gizmos around that does the thinking for us, individuals begin depending on all this “smart” techie stuff and eventually make humans “dumb”. I personally believe that we must not allow for this to occur and continue to believe with our brain. We have to work out the brain as much as the body therefore we have to make use of these gadgets that we need to learn various and new things. One can even utilize his/her iPod to pay attention to Podcasts in English. You can check out books on Kindle, listen to English music on an mp3 player and even view motion pictures that use English as their language. All these are tools outside the class that can assist you to learn English. So put your iPod to excellent use and start by downloading useful Apps to help you learn.

Traditional is never ever too old especially if we are speaking about reading actual, printed and published books. It holds true that everything is digitally offered and downloadable to any of our hand held or portable computer system gadgets but genuine books are still very important. Books do not need to be electrically charged and do not must batteries for you to read them, so go to your closest book shop and buy a great book. Checking out will not only assist you much better your writing abilities but also help in expanding your vocabulary. English is a widely made use of language and has millions of books released with.

Going on a date? Why not go see the current motion picture of Objective impossible or James Bond, nothing can be more English than that. Learning English can be enjoyable too, enjoy a motion picture and try to remember your preferred lines. Repeat these lines to a pal and have a good time sharing your understandings about the motion picture.

Last but not least, always keep in mind to learn English by practicing it with a schoolmate or a good friend outside your school. Try to have a discussion with somebody who is well-versed with the language so a minimum of they can provide you some suggestions and even teach you some new words to expand your knowledge of the language. Have a terrific and table talk with someone, hang out with them and truly immerse yourself with this workout and before you know it, you are already speaking English better that you were yesterday! Sometimes when you do something enjoyable while you are learning, it ends up being an extremely simple task to do.

How to Learn Maths by Heart?

Have you attempted learning maths by heart or memorizing a huge quantity of mathematical info? Though the strategy is tough-going, the result may be good as well as fabulous. This technique of learning by heart may suit basic mathematics education or knowledge-based topics, for example, history. However, does this strategy matches learning at a greater level of education?

As discussed, when the mathematics education is at primary level, the quantity of realities to comprehend with might not be huge enough to require attention and concern. With the good results that it sometimes reveals, the approach of learning by heart can even be accepted. However is that the correct or appropriate method forward in mathematics education? For mathematics learning at the higher education level, given more complicated ideas and mathematical expressions, memorizing info and various actions end up being a difficult task. The performance of lots of students of mathematics, who practiced the learning-by-heart approach, has actually been understood to suffer considerably. This triggers them to fear mathematics lessons and led them into the unwanted mathematics stress and anxiety scenario. Their confidence over solving mathematics questions declined as a result. Mathematics at a higher level calls for a mixture of mathematical solving tools and detailed analysis of the solving technique. Choice of a suitable tools and its associated strategy to solving an offered mathematics concern can not be achieved through memorizing as the combination is too wide to cover. Learning at that education level, for that reason, handles a different platform.

A much better platform to learning mathematics is to understand mathematical principles as opposed to placing truths as the centerpiece. Learn and focus on the why of the resolving strategy instead of the how, although both complement each other. This is a generic strategy whereby practice can start from day one of mathematics lesson. The habit formed to understand mathematical ideas will do them excellent when advanced mathematics enters into the learning image. Mathematics is an unique subject that varies from the remainder of the knowledge-based subjects in that its language is embedded in its mathematical variables, expressions and formulas. There can be lots of weaves in asking a basic mathematics concern. Without understanding the underlying ideas of the mathematics subject, it will be difficult to move forward or resolve the mathematics questions, unless using the terrible memorizing method.

Learning, particularly in mathematics, can best be acquired by connecting mathematical truths with believing skill where conceptualization is part of it. The linkages formed will be enhanced with time with lots of mathematics practices. The ability to solve any mathematics problems at any given time is therefore a true reflection of one’s capability to handle mathematics. Learning mathematics by heart will not attain this target as memory fades with time and quantity. Retention of understanding goes hand in hand with the depth of understanding.

Albert Einstein once said “Education is what remains after one has actually forgotten everything he learned in school.” Learning through linkage of mathematical truths with ideas will stay for a long time given that true understanding is attained. Simply memorizing facts, which has unfavorable effect, causes the significance of mathematics education to be lost when one forgets the knowledge learned.

For that reason, in conclusion, learning mathematics is best taken with focus in concept understanding compared to the pure rigid way of memorizing mathematical realities, considering that the result will last longer with true understanding of mathematics and its applications. If you still cannot get the concept, you may hire a math tuition teacher to teach you.

Foster a habit to approach mathematics lessons and tutorials through comprehending the concepts involved instead of the numerical truths and specific steps in any provided mathematics examples. This practice formed will ease acceptance of intricate mathematical concepts later in greater level of mathematics education.

4 Guidelines to Learn English

If you have actually decided that you wish to learn the English language, you will start on a fairly tough journey. While English is one of the most extensively spoken languages, especially in the western hemisphere, it is likewise among the most difficult to learn. If you have actually dedicated yourself to take English tuition for adults, here are some ideas you can make use of making it a little easier.

Tip 1 – Identify Your Inspiration and Desire

Before you begin down the path of learning English, make certain you truly wish to. If you can not say that you truly wish to learn the language, you are going to battle, particularly if you are attempting to learn English online. Remember, it is a difficult language and will take a procedure of devotion to learn.

Likewise, you have to determine your inspiration. Ask yourself why you wish to learn English. Understanding your inspiration, whether it be to help qualify for a better job or to interact with somebody you know, will assist you stick to your goal of learning English.

Pointer 2 – Set Realistic Goals

You are not going to learn English over night, even if you are extremely encouraged, are an excellent student, and are participating in the very best online English tuition learning site that you can find. You need to set reasonable objectives that you can pursue as you master the language.

Your goal for the very first week may be to master some basic vocabulary. Then you may wish to deal with a crucial grammar guideline. If you currently have a standard understanding of English, you can set goals to improve your pronunciation or listening comprehension. You have to know your basic goals prior to you begin participating in English school so that you can select the best program to assist you satisfy them.

Pointer 3 – Reserve Time to Practice

Learning any language takes practice, and great deals of it. Knowing how to practice a language is very important. You cannot simply sit in your home and speak with yourself. Even if you are attempting to learn English online, you have to find native speakers to talk with. You can utilize the telephone or online chats to speak with individuals who know English well, however you have to discover someone to talk to.

You can likewise practice by writing English. Compose letters, e-mails, and notes in English whenever the recipient can comprehend English. Your English Lesson at school will most likely have you writing as well, however useful writing in the real world is the very best way to find whether you know the language well enough to interact.

Idea 4 – Immerse Yourself in the Language

The very best way to train your brain to believe and understand in another language is to immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Sign up for publications in English, and read them. Read books in English, and listen to recordings made in English. Speak the language whenever you have someone near you who can understand it, specifically when that person is a native speaker who can help you with your pronunciation.

Enjoy tv programs in English. This is one of the best methods to assist yourself learn English, since you will have a visual reference to assist you comprehend the spoken word. If your tv has actually closed captioning capabilities, turn this on. Then you will likewise have actually a written reference to enhance exactly what you are learning.

The best aspect of the immersion technique is that it gets you utilized to the proper pronunciations of the words. Likewise, by immersing yourself in the culture that surrounds the English language, you can notice slang words and words that are not used correctly, however sound right to English speakers. You will detect phrases that are frequently used, and phrases that are best left untouched. So, whenever you have the opportunity to practice speaking, composing, or paying attention to English, benefit from it. You will quickly learn English in addition to any native speaker, or possibly even better!

Engaging a Good English GP Tutor

The process of working with a terrific English tutor might appear hard, but it is much easier than you picture. The most hard part is ensuring they are terrific. Paying $10 – $100/hour for your child’s English tutoring will be a waste of your money and time if you do pass by the ideal tutor.

Prior to working with any language tutors, ask prospective tutors for their resume and references. If you are hiring them to tutor your youngster in one particular topic, just worry about that tutor’s success in the particular subject. For example, it is not essential to have an English tutor that has actually achieved high marks in the sciences (though it does not hurt either).

If the English tutor is a student, request for their marks in school for that topic. You require somebody that understands the best ways to prosper in English courses so that they your child will, too, be able to be successful. Request to see this tutor’s English marks and other awards or participation that have identified them in the subject. School awards on the subject are terrific indications of the tutor’s ability in this area. Even awards for other subject areas will prove the tutor’s overall success and ability to work hard.

It is a smart idea to ask the prospective tutor for references from other students of theirs. The very best way to learn more about a tutor’s credentials is in their outcomes. If they have actually pleased and excited previous their clients, then you are can be positive in their capability to teach your kid. However, with tutoring, there is no good or bad tutors; there are just much better or even worse ones. Keep this in mind while choosing an English tutor: compare many and pick the very best.

If you are looking for general paper tuition teacher, you may contact a tuition agency to locate a good one for you.

Is Private Tuition a Burden to Students?

In Singapore, tuition has entered into the instructional environment to such an extend that nobody questions its significance any longer. Long time back, tuition used to be the field of the rich students in Singapore. Nevertheless, tuition has become a virtually necessary supplement for all students no matter their financial conditions now. Most parents will try to find the best home tutors for their kids from a singapore tuition agency.

The primary reason of those who opt to participate in tuition is due to the fact that they have problem handling some subjects in school. Obviously, there are exceptions to the normal factors. Numerous students are sent to tuition by their moms and dads no matter their own preferences. Moms and dads are naturally nervous that their youngsters will lose out to those who opt for tuition classes. Some moms and dads consistently think that tuition is a should during significant evaluation years.

Is tuition becoming a problem for children?

Kids are not able to live their young life fully. Tuition typically comes out the greatest rival for the children’s time. It appears that children are sometimes working longer hours than their parents. Youngsters will miss their childhood time in this kind of tuition way of life. Tuition classes use up numerous afternoons and evenings; kids have less time for rest and extra-curricular activities, little personal time of their own, not to mention time for sporting and leisure activities?

Some students are required by their moms and dads to participate in various tuition sessions, to the degree that the tuition centers have ended up being a second school. They are mainly ‘abused’ by their moms and dads’ over issue for diplomas and certifications. Thus putting huge pressure on young brains and most likely setting the students into unwanted mindset patterns as a result of an extremely competitive environment that has no location for initiatives, versatility and creativity. Students are not only pressured, however emerge memorize the truths however not completely understood. Rote finding out ends up being the custom. As a result, assessment scores end up being the yardstick of performance, instead of real knowing.

Students participating in tuition classes earn not only the lessons however likewise the pressure also. The growing number of cases of student anxiety and even suicides supply a severe pointer of the impact of extreme pressure on young minds.

How to Quote Your Price as a Private Tutor

Prices plays a vital function in the success of any tutoring company. However, there is a great deal of confusion about the best way to price your tutoring services and ways to tackle discovering the ideal cost. As most parents are looking for affordable home tuition rate, this short article takes a look at prices methods for independent tutors and tutoring business and ways to research costs in your market.

Setting your Rates Level

The initial step in figuring out just how much you need to charge for your tutoring services is to identify what other tutoring services in your area are charging. You’ll wish to focus on tutoring business that provide comparable services to your very own tutoring company given that there can be a huge variation in tutoring rates for different kinds of tutoring.

The next step is to do some research just like somebody searching for tutoring would. Look for tutoring services in your location online, check the phone book, ask guidance counselors about other tutoring business. When you have a list of comparable tutoring business in your location you can discover costs by calling them up and asking or inspecting their site for rates. You can also examine online tutoring directory sites to find out exactly what independent tutors are charging for the subjects your business provides.

If your company is brand-new and you or your tutors have average experience and qualifications then you should try to price your services a bit above the typical rate.

If your company has been running for a while, you have pleased consumers, and you or your tutors have teaching experience and credentials then you ought to price closer to the upper range of equivalent tutoring services.

Lots of brand-new tutoring companies believe they have to begin with low prices in order to draw in clients, however this is a dangerous method and can in fact hurt your company more than assist it. The reason for this is that if your costs are really low, you will be producing very little earnings to reinvest into promoting your company. If you are paying tutors to work for you, you will likewise have a challenging time drawing in and keeping high quality tutors which are extremely essential for developing your credibility and developing satisfied customers who will refer you to other customers.

Early on it may make good sense to focus on an under-served section of the tutoring market in your area. This will enable you to charge higher rates, and create higher earnings which will assist you manage more marketing and better tutors. These in turn will help you establish a base from which to expand into more competitive sections of the tutoring market.

Tutoring Catalog

Supplying different pricing options can likewise help your company satisfy the requirements of more clients. There are numerous pricing or billing approaches you can make use of.

Pay per Session

This rates alternative has clients pay before or after each tutoring session. This is a great method if your business does not have much of an operating history. It likewise puts new clients at ease if they are brand-new to your company and are wary of paying for a longer amount of time beforehand.

Pay per duration

Paying per duration may have customers spend for a week or month in advance based on the variety of sessions they will have throughout that duration. This approach is good for tutoring businesses due to the fact that you receive the cash in advance and don’t have to worry about students forgetting to pay for each session. It’s more practical for customers since they can spend for a week or month and don’t have to worry about composing a check for each and every single session. Some tutoring companies might bill at the end of each week or month, but for brand-new business it’s best to require payment ahead of time given that this will permit you to receive payment for tutoring sessions before you have to pay your tutors.

Economics is Simple

Having objectives keeps everybody focused. Understanding that economics isn’t really as hard as it may sound must be a goal. The following are other goals that you might prefer to keep you on target. They might be determined straight or indirectly.

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economics image

After finishing this course you should:

Understand the Market Concept
Understand the Law of Need
Discuss why the demand curve has a negative slope
Understand the Law of Supply
Discuss why the supply curve has a favorable slope
Explain why balance (that’s me) though preferable is tough to attain
Discuss a Cost System
Consider the very best Chance Expenses when confronted with a decision
Let’s discover Opportunity Cost

Microeconomics is the study of how individuals handle limited resources in their attempt to please individual needs and wants.

As an individual, for instance, you face the issue of having just restricted resources with which to fulfill your wants and requires, so, with your cash, you should ensure choices. You’ll probably spend part of your cash on lease, electrical energy, and food. Then you might make use of the rest to go to the movies and/or purchase a new pair of designer jeans.

Financial experts, interested in the choices you make, inquire into why, for example, you might chose to spend your cash on a brand-new blu-ray gamer instead of going to the theater or deciding to upgrade your cable membership. They would want to know whether you would rather spend money on repairing your 2005 Ford or purchasing a brand new 2014 Mustang.

The underlying essence of economics is trying to understand how both individuals and countries behave in response to particular material constraints. And this brings us to the subject of opportunity costs.

So, Simply What Are Opportunity Expenses?

Opportunity expense is the value of exactly what is foregone in order to have something else. ( 2002).

This value is individual to each person. Just recently I sacrificed buying a big screen TELEVISION for the requirement of upgrading my computer system. For me, the new computer system had a greater worth than a cinema TELEVISION. Later on I might choose that having a big screen TV can be just as important as working with my new computer system. The chance expense of a person’s choices, for that reason, is identified by his or her needs, wants, time, and resources (financial resources). ( 2002).

Choosing the very best Compromising Alternatives.

This example can be expanded to that of a country’s possibility curve. A possibility curve takes into consideration all the different chances readily available along with the choices that can be used.

If a student has an option in between going to a performance with a buddy and working after school then the opportunity expense will be the value of quiting time with your pal to participate in the show vs. working at Walgreen’s after school.

The Law of Demand.

Need refers to just how much (amount) of a product and services is desired by purchasers. The quantity demanded is the quantity of a specific item individuals want to buy at a particular rate, and the relationship between rate and amount demanded is referred to as the demand relationship.

The Law of Demand states that there is an inverse (opposite) relationship between the cost of an excellent and the amount purchasers are willing to acquire.

A Demand Arrange programs the specific quantity of an excellent or service that individuals agree and able to purchase not the same costs.

If there is a need for the new movie that has actually been made available on DVD and there are simply a couple of in stock– then the rate will be higher because of the limited supply.

Law of Supply.

Supply represents just how much the market can provide. The quantity supplied refers to the quantity of a specific good producers are willing to provide when getting a specific rate. The connection between rate and how much of a great or service is supplied into the marketplace is called the supply relationship. Price therefore, is a reflection of supply and demand.

The Law of Supply is the principle that there is a direct relationship between the rate of a good and the quantity sellers want to sell.

Supply Curves Have Positive Slopes.

Just at a greater cost will certainly it be profitable for sellers to sustain the higher chance expense with producing bigger quantities.

At Equilibrium, supply and demand are equal. The allocation of products is at its most reliable since the amount of items being provided is exactly the same as the quantity of products being required.

Other Terms to Know.

A Market Is … any plan where buyers and sellers communicate to figure out rate and quantity of goods/services sold.

You recognize with your regional grocery store. There you (the purchaser) are presented with a range of items that are for purchase from the shop (the seller.) Most of his items are from others (producer, wholesalers, and suppliers) and are provided all in one place. Instead of you having to rush all over town to discover sellers who can offer you with the goods you require– the supermarket has lots of items all “under one roof.”.

Market Need is … the summation of individual need schedules.

If you were to create all the requirements and desires of each person; you would have a market need.

Market Supply is … the horizontal summation of all the amounts provided at different costs that might dominate in the market.

A Cost System is … a system that uses the forces of supply and need to produce stability through fluctuating prices.

What Happens When Price Modification?

When Rates Modification …

The demand curve does not shift– there is a modification in the amount demanded.

The supply curve does not shift– there is a change in the amount provided.

Note: When something other than cost changes … the entire need curve shifts– there is a modification in demand.


Inverse relationship between cost and quantity purchasers agree to purchase– Law of Need.
Need Curve has a negative slope due to higher rates, few systems purchased.
Supply Curve has a favorable slope, greater costs, and higher profits.
Direct relationship in between cost of goods and amount sellers will produce– Law of Supply.
Plan where purchasers and sellers connect to figure out rate & amount of items– Market.
Rate System– Mechanism that compels supply and demand to create equilibrium through costs.
Price Change– does not cause the demand/supply curve to shift, only quantity required and quantity provided.
Note: Cost can have either a direct or inverse relationship with quantity. Depends on whether buyer or seller.
Now you are ready to explore the Economic Way of Thinking by yourself.

What are The Problems I face When Learning Chinese?

Discovering a second language is always tough for grownups. And Mandarin is considered to be among the most difficult second languages to find out. It is especially aggravating when individuals tried and struggled for months, but find that they are still in fresh start. Of course, you can find a chinese tutor to teach you; however, before that, lets me tell you what are the main problem I encountered when I learned Chinese.

learn chinese

Right here is a list of five common problems that people frequently deal with when learning Mandarin. Understand these problems can assist individuals much better assign their energy and time, and it is the first step to success and a much better knowing experience.

Problem 1: Students can understand their instructor, but when they talk to other Chinese individuals, They cannot comprehend them at all.

Understanding: This is a universal problem amongst all language learners. The factor behind this issue is that instructors can manage their speaking speed and usage of vocabulary while normal people can’t. It is an indication that more listening exercises are needed, especially listening drills to targeted patterns.

Problem 2: Learners spend a long period of time aiming to bear in mind all the new words. But in simply a second, they forget all of them.

Comprehending: No one forgets all the new words. They are all in the brain somewhere. The reason behind this problem is that those new words are separated ones. They need to be triggered and connected with old ones. The option is to use these new words deliberately, and to included them into speeches and discussions as as typically as possible.

Issue 3: Students made a lot of flash cards and read them typically. But they can not recognize these words when they hear them.

Comprehending: Flash cards are very useful. The problem is that when learners simply read them with their eyes, they are not acquainted with the noises! It resembles training arms for running. The option is to say them aloud without looking at those flash cards.

Problem 4: Students can understand exactly what individuals state in daily life, however when they turn to a Chinese TV station, they got totally lost.

Comprehending: It is a nice issue to have. The problem of understanding the media has less to do with listening, speaking or comprehension capability. It’s more about that reporters have the tendency to use not the same techniques and wordings from other people. To fix this issue, students have to first improve their reading skills. Check out news, books, articles. Do a lot of reading and they will certainly find that TV just discusses the comparable things.

Issue 5: People wish to learn composing Chinese Characters. However it’s so difficult.

Understanding: Chinese characters are challenging. But there is a great way to approach them. Learn one character at a time and discover those most often used ones initially! The first most frequently used 400 characters represent about 60 % of all characters appeared in publications. The very first 900 most frequently made use of characters represent 89 % of all characters in publications. Additionally, there have to do with 2500 characters are so seldom used that they only represent 2 % of total publications. The solution is evident, take on those 900 first.